Miriam Ponsa collaborates with the Escola d’Art de Manresa

Miriam Ponsa and the Escola d’Art de Manresa will collaborate in the training of students in the second year of the cycle of illustration in an initiative that will allow students to participate in catwalk creations. Miriam Ponsa is well-known for her passion for experimentation with textures and materials and wants to give the opportunity to the students of the Escola d’Art de Manresa to innovate and to learn firsthand the screen printing technics application to textile fashion.

Miriam Ponsa has already collaborated with the Municipal School of Art Gaspar Camps Igualada for Dones Mula collection, which was recognized as the best Spring-Summer 2015 collection at the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week and expects that the new collaboration will allow her to share convey the importance of work team and harness the great enrichment that supposes the possibility of being with students offering fresh proposals.

The Escola d’Art de Manresa was founded in 1902, with the aim of training the youngsters of the city in the technical and artistic level. Among the different workshops offered by the center, the Screen-printing course encourages the students to experiment with new and traditional printing techniques, where Miriam Ponsa feels fully identified and often used in her creations.
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